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Submission Guidelines

Ink Gawker is all about having fun, showing off your work, and sharing tattoo ideas. You can browse, share, discover, bookmark, get inspired and love every entry in this site. Everything is free and comes without crazy restrictions!

That being said when actively sharing and submitting make sure you follow these guidelines.

Who can submit?

Anyone! That’s right, contribution is open to anyone that has something great to share with the body art community and the world. Please keep in mind that if you want to submit an entry you’ll have to register and create an account. (it’s completely free.)

What can I submit?

Have a guess! Pretty much everything related to body art and tattooing! That’s what Ink Gawker is all about. You can submit pictures of your work, body art blog posts, tattoo news, and even videos! Basically anything that can be represented by an image and is deemed relevant/acceptable by our moderators. In addition to images of tattoos you can submit content related to a recently launched product, tattooing equipment or tools, really anything you think is relevant and worth sharing, but please only submit high quality content, otherwise our editors won’t approve it.

You can submit tattoo related content you publish on your own blog or website. You’re allowed to submit content from any other site, if you find it interesting and worth sharing, you don’t have to be the publisher. Ink Gawker doesn’t claim credit for the content published here by others and we believe you shouldn’t either. If you’re going to submit something you found somewhere make sure you provide the correct link back to the blog post where you discovered it. Just make sure you add “Via: (Blog Name)” in the description.

What content is not allowed?

Well obviously anything related to hate, violence, racism, pornography, profanity, drugs and alcohol, spam or anything not related to tattoos and body art. Our editors are very strict and have trained eyes for that so don’t submit that type of content, it simply won’t be approved. If a user keeps submitting prohibited content that user will be permanently banned.

How to submit

The process of submitting an entry is very simple, the first thing you have to do is make sure you’re a registered user, if you haven’t done that please register, it’s 100% free, as is everything else here. Once you have registered and created an account, you’ll be able to start submitting entries for approval. To submit follow these steps:

  1. Register – There are no requirements to meet before you register, anyone can contribute, just make sure you use a valid email address.
  2. After you register login and go to the Submit page by clicking the “Submit a link” button.
  3. Enter a title that best describes what the entry is. Make it brief and try to keep it to a max of 50 characters.
  4. Enter a description or brief summary of the content you’re sharing.
  5. Enter a link, this should be the destination URL. This link should be go to a specific post or page not to a site’s homepage.
  6. Select the category and assign the tags that best suit your entry. This way other people will be able to find your submission.
  7. Select & upload an image for your submission, it should be 250px X 25px or proportionately larger in size. (See image requirements)
  8. Submit it and wait… our editors will look it over!

Image requirements

The image is one of the most important elements of an entry, this is what draws attention to your submission. The image you submit should be visually appealing and of high quality. It should reflect and be directly related to the content you’re sharing. Your images should meet this criteria in order to be considered for approval:

  1. Images must be cropped, all images used are 250px X 250px in size, but you can submit larger square images. If you don’t have another way to crop your images we recommend using a tool called CutMyPic to edit and crop your images online.
  2. The image cannot be smaller than 250px X 250px, larger pictures are accepted but not smaller ones.
  3. Images must be in JPG, JPEG, or PNG format.
  4. All images must be visually appealing and have good resolution.
  5. Pictures must not have any watermark of reference to another site.
  6. For overall quality control purposes pictures must look good!

Take a look around and browse what others have submitted, you can get an idea of what will be given a stamp of approval by seeing previously accepted images.

What content gets published?

Having already mentioned what you can and can’t submit now let’s discuss what entries get approved and published. An “Entry” is composed of these elements:

Image – This should visually describe what the content is about, it should be eye-catching and high quality. The image should be of good resolution and have no defects.

Link – This is the destination URL where the content is located. The link goes to specific post or page with additional information. This can be a tattoo artist or parlor’s website, a personal blog, etc.

Title – This should be brief but descriptive enough to convey what the content is about. This can be the same as the title in the destination post.

Description – This is a brief summary of what the content is about. If you’re sharing something from someone else’s site make sure you give proper credit in the description.

That’s about it! In order to get your entry approved and published it’s important to make you have included all of the elements mentioned above. The second requirement is that the entry in general has to be good enough to be shared here. If your entry is complete and meets the quality requirements of our editors, it will be published!

How many entries can I submit?

Ink Gawker is all about quality, not quantity. It is recommended that you keep the number of submissions to a maximum of 3 per day. But if you happen to have many great things to share, then by all means, don’t limit yourself. It is important to remember that not all submissions get approved, so again quality should come before quantity.

About the moderation process

Our team of well trained editors and moderators will asses every single entry submitted. Once you submit something it usually takes anywhere from a few minutes to 48 hours to get approved and appear on Ink Gawker, in some really rare cases it can take a bit longer. If after a period of 72 hours your submission doesn’t appear then this means that it didn’t pass the moderation process; if this happens, don’t worry and don’t get discouraged. You can try again, just check what you submitted and see if it meets the criteria listed above.

We review every single submission and we check everything. We judge the images, we check to see if the link is working and if it goes to a specific and related page, and we read every title and description.

IMPORTANT: In some cases where we feel the submission is worth sharing but doesn’t meet the minimum requirements, we may send a notification email with some suggestions to the user. While we try to provide as much feedback as possible we can’t always comment on every single submission we receive.

Additional & useful tips

These are some useful tips and advice you should consider that will help your submissions get approved.

Edit your profile – When registering and creating an account edit your profile and add all the necessary details. This will give you a better profile page and can influence the moderation process. You’ll also be able to share your profile page along with your “Collection” of entries with others.

Check first – Before submitting something browse what others have submitted and see what has been approved.

Don’t submit duplicate entries. – While we realize that this sometimes happens by mistake please try to ensure you aren’t doing it.

No text in images – Make sure your images are devoid of unrelated text, watermarks, or references to other sites/companies.

Don’t be afraid – This is a place was created to have fun and share tattoo related things, don’t be afraid to submit something. You can always try… the worst thing that can happen is that it doesn’t get approved. Even then don’t fret — you can try again.

After all those rules and requirements the thing to remember is in the end we publish what we like and what we feel is going to be useful for the Ink Gawker community.

These are our submission guidelines but we’d love to see what you have to share. Also make sure you read our FAQ page or contact us if you have more questions.

Have fun!