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Skull Shoulder Tattoo

Tattoo by Marc Cano of Slave to the Needle.

Skull & Cross Pistons

Tattoo by Manny Landry at The Fall Tattoo Studio in Vancouver.

Skull Mariachi

Inside arm piece. Artist Tony Rodriguez of Storyline Tattoos Rowlett, TX.

Skeleton Dragon Tattoo

A tattoo of a skeleton dragon done by John Fitzgerald of Slave to the Needle Tattoo in Seattle,...

Skull Octopus Tattoo

A skull with tentacles grasps a chess piece in this tattoo done by Jon Gilbert of Slave to the...

Pile of Skulls

Tattoo by Wayne Brillhart on Guy Dunne.

Beware the hand with sugar.

Hand tattoo of a skull with "Day of the Dead" girl. Credit: Storyline Tattoos.

Gypsy Lady

Gypsy lady surrounded by tiger lillies and a skull. Tattoo by Claire Reid

Viking Skeleton Chest Piece

Chest tattoo featuring a skull in a viking helmet done by Chris Thompson of Slave to the Needle...

Skull Loteria Card

Done by Unkl Rob of Urban Art Tattoo & Piercing!


Skulls half sleeve

Done by Matthew Amey of Independent Tattoo!

Skulls backpiece

Done by Matthew Amey of Independent Tattoo.

Skull with butterflys

Done by Matthew Amey of Independent Tattoo