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Chest Piece Bird

Full chest tattoo of a bird. Done by Jamie Bartlett of Urban Art Tattoo & Piercing!

Hummingbird Tattoo

Tattoo of a hummingbird feeding from a lily. Done by Damon Conklin of Super Genius Tattoo.

Hawk Sleeve Tattoo

Tattoo of a Hawk with Moths, massive cover up tattoo by Claire Reid. (Chest piece tattoo by Emily...

Crow Fable

Tattoo done by Jeff Kopp of Think Tank Tattoo.

Patriotic Eagle

Done by Unkl Rob of Urban Art Tattoo & Piercing!

Bird on a branch

Tattoo by Jeremy Corns.

Stylized Bird

Done by Unkl Rob of Urban Art Tattoo & Piercing!


Done by Justin Hartman of Urban Art Tattoo & Piercing!

Realistic Chicken Tattoo

Done by Mike Devries. Via

Floral full sleeve

Flowers,humming bird and butterfly. Done by Matteo Pasqualin


Stylized birds tattoo sleeve

Three birds sitting on branches. Done by Crispy Lennox

Tribal line work crow

This crow tattoo measures approx. 4 inches and is made entirely of line work. This was done by...