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You love tattoos? We do too! With so many awesome tattoo artists and body art shops around it’s almost impossible to see them all. There are thousands of different artists, enthusiasts, tattoo parlors, and interesting body art articles out there: that’s where Ink Gawker comes in!

We are a tattoo resource for the people and by the people. What that means is Ink Gawker is a tattoo and body art gallery that’s comprised of largely user-driven content. That means our content is always what the tattoo community at large finds interesting and inspiring. Whether you’ve come to show off your own work, look for tattoo ideas, share something interesting, or just browse around … Ink Gawker is the place to do it!

What is Ink Gawker?!?

Ink Gawker is a curated gallery of user-submitted photos that allows the people to look through tattoos and discover new tattoo designs, ideas, techniques and inspiration. We publish photographs and links submitted by tattoo artist, tattoo bloggers, and enthusiasts from around the world. Our editors review submissions daily and publish only the highest quality, most appealing images to showcase.

Ink Gawker is a user driven community for sharing and discovering everything tattoo related. Basically anyone who loves tattoos, tattoo designs, or anything body art related can share things they like, show off tattoo work and discover amazing body art.

With Ink Gawker you can register an account, start your own collection of entries, share them with your friends and family, and help spread the word. Tattoo artists and proudly tattooed people can get exposure for their tattoos, direct more traffic to their websites and share some of the truly awesome tattoos in the world.

How does one use Ink Gawker?

Using the site is simple… like crazy simple. When you have something you want to share submit an entry. We review every entry and once they get approved, we post them on the site. Each entry is composed of several different parts which are used for different purposes. The images below show the anatomy of a posted entry.

How it works

Featured Image – This is the main part of the entry — the part that everyone sees right away. The image shows the tattoo or represents the original article or post but it’s also the best way to grab people’s attention. This means it needs to be interesting, high-quality, and something people will want to see.

Entry Title – Briefly describes the tattoo or shows the title of the original article or post.

Description – Describes the tattoo or what the original article or post is about in more detail.

Like Button – Used to “Like” an entry. These “Likes” are counted as “vote” for the entry. It is important to mention that likes are different from favorites. Anyone can like an entry.

Like Count – This is a running tally keeping track of the likes or votes a single entry has received.

“Check it out” Button – This takes you directly to the original article or post.

Report Entry – Used to report an entry if it violates our policies or if the owner wants to have it removed.

User Name – The username of the person who shared the entry.

Favorites – Use this to add an entry to your collection of favorites.

Entry Number/Permalink – Shows the tracking number of the entry. Clicking this takes you to the individual page for the entry.

View Count – Displays the total number of views an entry has received.

Who are we?

We’re a small media publishing company who love tattoos and the artistry involved. Our goal is to provide a vibrant platform and community to to help people get exposure for their work, share tattoo ideas, and show off praise worthy body art.

We invite you to start submitting your entries, saving your favorites and building your own collections. Make the most out of Ink Gawker, have fun and get inspired!

Ink Gawker team